Monday Morning Clarity – 1 Chronicles 2:25-41

The line of Jarahmeel of the tribe of Judah covers at least 21 generations that span more than 700 years! The names entered into this biblical record take us from Jarahmeel (May God have pity!) to Elishama (God has heard!). Amazing! And how comforting to us as we pray.

Along the way from Jerahmeel to Elishama there are brief notes about providences that are surprising to man but well-known to God and even planned by Him for His own purposes in building up the tribe of Judah.

We can use this record of the history of God’s chosen people to meditate on the grandeur of our Triune God–His knowledge, wisdom, power, and love.

We should also openly receive our fully God and fully man Savior every day. He was outnumbered, misunderstood, and greatly despised for us. His line certainly seemed to come an abrupt and fruitless end at the cross. Yet Isaiah 53:10 assures us, that though He was cut off from the land of the living, “He shall see His offspring.” Yes, and we who find our worth and belonging in Him shall see His face!

Sermon Notes