Mark 5

Jesus and His disciples “came to the other side of the sea” and had a shocking encounter in Gentile territory. A dangerous man who was possessed by a “legion” of demons “ran and fell down before” the Lord as soon as he saw Him. Christ cast the demons out of this brute that “no one had the strength to subdue.” Jesus gave the unclean spirits “permission” to go into a herd of pigs, and the animals “rushed down the steep bank into the sea” and were drowned. When the townspeople saw their fearsome neighbor “clothed and in his right mind” and when they heard what happened to the beasts, “they began to beg Jesus to depart from their region.”
Back on the Jewish side of the sea, the Lord healed a woman who had suffered with a “discharge of blood” for twelve years. She had secretly “touched His garment” with trust in the Messiah, and Jesus “perceived that power had gone out from Him.” Hers was a bold and desperate step by someone that was ceremonially impure. Jesus’ reaction? “Your faith has made you well.”
Jesus also brought amazing aid to the daughter of a synagogue elder. When the Lord first arrived, the sick child had already died, but Jesus insisted that she was “sleeping.” As the mourners laughed in unbelief, Christ “put them all outside” except for the girl’s parents and His own companions. Then He said, “Little girl, I say to you, arise,” and she did!
God has always called His worshipers to trust in Him, but what does this actually mean? We start by truly surrendering to Him as the Lord of glory, never asking Him to go away as the Gentile farmers did. Then we must believe His Word even when those around us judge it to be a joke. To state the obvious, Jesus Christ was a Man of faith. Those who seek resurrection blessings should put their hope in Him alone.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Lord God, our adversary would take aim at our bodies and souls. An enemy who is stronger than us would attack our children and Your church. Only You can cast him out. We turn to You for Your mighty Word. A legion of demons destroys the people of Your possession. Save us! Clothe us in the righteousness of Christ. Help us to be in our right minds, and we will serve You. Send us out to our friends to tell the truth about the great things that You have done for us. Will our loved ones thrive? Will our wives and husbands have good health? Why should disease and evil seem to win among us? You can deliver us from trouble with one command. We trust in You. Please heal us, and make our families whole. We will not be afraid but will believe in You. We want to be up and walking again by Your resurrection power.