Mark 3

The ministry of Jesus was full of controversy. His healings on the Sabbath were opposed by religious authorities who “held counsel with the Herodians against Him.” What were they seeking in their connection with the political allies of the Herod family? They were trying to “accuse” Jesus of some attack on public order in the hope that they might “destroy Him.”
The crowds that sought the Lord had proof that “He had healed many,” a fact that none disputed though “scribes who came down from Jerusalem” claimed it was “by the prince of demons” that He sent unclean spirits out of the afflicted. The fallen angels themselves knew who He was, and they cried out, “You are the Son of God.”
The twelve that the Messiah “appointed” as “apostles” included one who would ultimately betray Him. While a few of these men would become well known, the majority remained obscure. All would find it hard to understand who He was and why He had come. Even the family of Jesus “went out to seize Him” because they were convinced that He was “out of His mind.”
Although throngs of needy Israelites looked to this unexpected Prophet for hope in their present trials, He was not everyone’s hero. To the contrary, so many powerful individuals were sure that He had to be stopped. Jesus made it His mission to “save life” and to “do good.” His foes worked hard to “do harm” to the miracle worker, and even “to kill Him.”
Throughout these challenging days, the Savior of the world never gave in to those who claimed that His acts of kindness were not “lawful.” Even when “His mother and His brothers” were the ones who stood against His mission of teaching and deliverance, the King of God’s kingdom spoke definitively in favor of those who would eventually submit to His authority. “Whoever does the will of God, he is My brother and sister and mother.”
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Lord God, You see us in our weakness and shame. Do good to us this day for the glory of Your Name. Though many sought ways to destroy Your Son, and such were some of us, we now bow before You in reverence, believing fervently in Jesus the Messiah. Thank You for Your apostles, and for the gospel to which they gave full testimony. You filled them with Your Spirit and enabled them to proclaim the truth that we have now heard. The kingdom of darkness is coming to an end. Bind the strong man and cast him out of Your house. Let us rejoice in You as those who have been granted the honor of being called Your brothers and sisters, for we hear Your Word and follow You.