Mark 10

When people embrace the truth that “no one is good except God alone,” they naturally wonder how they can ever “inherit eternal life.” Particularly in our closest relationships we feel the struggle of achieving heartfelt obedience to the Almighty. In the bond between husband and wife, men and women may try to justify their sins, but in the depth of their souls they know they have failed. Many also sincerely want the best for their children, especially seeking God’s benediction on these young lives, but the touch of Jesus’ hand upon their heads may seem too far away to believe in.
Even when a very righteous worshiper of the Lord asserts that he has “kept” all of God’s commandments from his youth, he will walk away “disheartened” and “sorrowful” if the Lord of Glory asks him to devote all he has to the King’s purposes. Confronting the facts about sin and salvation made even Jesus’ closest friends earnestly ask Him, “Then who can be saved?” The Lord’s answer: “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”
For the blessing of heaven to come upon human beings, one Man needed to serve as the Substitute for countless others. As Jesus said, powerful men would “deliver Him over to the Gentiles” who would then “kill Him,” yet after three days the Lord would “rise” again. This is why Jesus was born. The “Son of Man” came “to give His life as a ransom for many.”
How should needy mortals respond to such good news? A blind beggar showed us the way to go. He would not let others stop him from crying out, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus’ kind reply: “What do you want me to do for you?” If Jesus asked you that now, how would you answer? What are you looking for today? Even what feels way beyond our reach, is within the purview of our Sovereign Lord, including our eternal destiny.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Father, we glorify You for the beauty and holiness of Your teaching. Help us not to rebel against Your Scriptures. From the beginning of creation, You have made us male and female. You have joined us together in marriage, so that the two are one. You have also blessed us with children. May we never hinder them as they turn to You. You are good, O Jehovah. We should follow Your Law. We flatter ourselves and overestimate our obedience to Your commandments. Thank You for the perfections of our Messiah. Surely all things are possible with You, even our salvation. Our lives are wonderfully in Your hands. We trust Your promises, and would even face persecutions now only to be near You. Your Son was delivered over to executioners and died for us, yet He rose from the dead. Fill us with the courage we need to stay with You. Whoever wants to be close to the Redeemer will certainly suffer. Still, it is better than anything else to have communion with Him. We offer up our bodies to You in service, for You have served us first and best. Have mercy on us, and grant us the depth of holy vision that comes through faith. Draw us to Yourself, and make us whole in Jesus Christ, that we might obey Your Word.