Luke 5

After some of the disciples had spent all night fishing with disappointing results, it was quite shocking to let down their nets at Christ’s command and then find that “they enclosed a large number of fish.”
How many did they catch? Luke does not include that detail, but we know that it was enough to put two boats in danger of sinking as they tried to take in the enormous haul.
Imagine if they had caught millions of people rather than hundreds of sea creatures! Jesus told them that was exactly where His great plan was headed: “From now on you will be catching men.”
When God came to earth, human beings with the most obvious and appalling diseases were healed. The largely hidden problem of moral culpability was also entirely lifted from the souls of those who received this good announcement of Jesus with faith: “Your sins are forgiven you!”
For some, this declaration was offensive. They could not believe that this Teacher and Healer spoke appropriately. He was a man, so how could He bring true deliverance from sin as if God was declaring good news in front of their eyes?
The truth was too much for so many to fathom: Immanuel Jesus was able to relieve deep, unseen wounds.
How did the Messiah settle the controversy? He spoke these powerful words: “Rise, pick up your bed, and go home.” And that’s just what the (former) paralytic did!
The “Bridegroom” from heaven came to earth, and not everyone was celebrating. They said, “The disciples of John fast often and offer prayers, but yours eat and drink.”
Something new was happening. God had arrived in person, and it was all so unsettling!
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Lord, Your Son came to preach and teach, but there was divine power in everything that He did. He could bring fish into the nets of His disciples, cleanse the leper, make the paralytic walk, and even forgive sins. He leads millions to trust in Him, and confounds those who try to stop Him. This great Teacher is our Redeemer and Messiah. Many men resist Him, but we know that He has healed and restored us. We have seen extraordinary things through the simple preaching of the Scriptures. Though we were once outside Your assembly, we have been drawn near by Your mercy. We receive the good word of absolution and celebrate the presence of our Savior as we gather together for worship. Jesus is the fulfillment of all biblical prophecy and the Giver of every new gift. Blessed be Your name, O God! We give You thanks for using us in the building up of Your Kingdom.