Luke 17

Jesus taught His disciples to think about life differently than all those around them. Concerning transgressions of God’s Law, He said that “temptations to sin are sure to come,” but that there could never be any valid excuse for leading vulnerable people in evil ways. The Lord’s followers were to be honest and forgiving, especially with those who repeatedly treated them poorly.
Faith” was to be a hallmark of His worshipers, but they should not imagine that God owed them the blessings they desired as if it should be counted as a wage for being in His employment. They had to remember that they were still “unworthy servants” even when they were at their best. Gratitude for healing and for countless other divine mercies was the only appropriate response from petitioners in Christ’s church.
The Lord of Glory was the premier example to everyone who would ever take the name “Christian.” He knew that He would “suffer many things and be rejected” by His contemporaries, but He was willing to go to the cross even for those who mistreated and reviled Him.
Our Savior warned all who would hear His voice to reject worldly patterns of thinking. “Remember Lot’s wife.” She had looked back longingly at Sodom, the city that was being judged by the Almighty. It is far better to keep our gaze forward to the new heavens and the new earth.
One day our Master will return in final judgment. Some will be taken into eternal life and others will be left in the distress of unending destruction. We follow the Man who never enticed anyone into rebellion and who was always ready to receive penitent sinners in His abundant grace. If we see His salvation as desirable, then we must walk in His righteousness and love.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Almighty Lord, protect us. Remove dangerous temptations and keep us from enticing anyone else to sin. Help us to be honest and faithful servants. Every good provision of holiness comes to us from Your grace and mercy. Heal us of the disease of rebellion. Thank You for the gift of faith. Move us forward in Your Kingdom. Show us the greatness of Your Son and the wonder of the deliverance He has accomplished for us. A Day will soon be here when the Messiah will be revealed in judgment. Bring us into the fullness of Your presence at just the right time.