Luke 11

Lord, teach us to pray.” The Lord’s Prayer is all about communion with the Almighty. God is obviously superior to His followers in every way, yet He allows them to address Him as “Father.” His own plan must of course be their priority. He will grant them the “bread” they need and the forgiveness of sins. He invites His disciples to ask for the divine leadership that they desperately require if they are to walk wisely and avoid temptation.
God calls His children to relationship, and He is very willing to “give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.” This present life is full of spiritual realities, but not all of them are safe. Demons are real, and they have a prince at their head who hates Yahweh and all who would “hear the Word of God and keep it.” True worshipers of Jehovah are not like these malevolent powers. They have been gripped by the “Sign” from heaven, the resurrected Messiah.
All who believe in the Son of God have a new light in their souls. The assembly of those who call upon the name of Jesus are a shining “lamp” in a world of “darkness.” Many religious people have boasted about their own obedience to the Law, yet it was largely a performance for others to see and admire. Inside their hearts they were full of “greed and wickedness.”
When Jesus confronted the “Pharisees” and religious “lawyers” of His day regarding their transgressions, they felt the “insult” deeply. They were accustomed to heaping judgment upon others and considered themselves very superior to less scrupulous men in Israel. The truth became more and more evident over the course of Jesus’ ministry, for these hypocrites would not repent of their sins and were increasingly “lying in wait” for Jesus to “catch Him in something He might say.” Like their fathers before them who would not listen to the prophets of their day, they refused to humble themselves before the Man who is the “Wisdom of God.”
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Father God, You have taught us how to have communion with You, giving us Your whole Word to guide us in this duty. You have also granted a special prayer for us. Thank you for this rich teaching. May we look to You and pray. Train us to ask You with confidence for good things agreeable to Your will, and fill us with Your Holy Spirit. As we are led by our great Teacher from above, show us the truths of Your Kingdom. Touch us in the depths of our souls and move us in obedience. Take away from us the impurity of all unclean spirits and lying doctrines. May we hear Your pure gospel and obey it. The Messiah has been a sign to us by His amazing resurrection. In Him we have the One who is greater than any king or prophet. Your ways are so wonderful. Would we dare to critique Your Son in our hearts? Would we be Your judge? Forgive us, O Lord, and deliver us from the coming judgment by the righteousness of Christ. Keep us from toxic lies that would only lead to death and destruction. Let us point clearly to the beauty of Jesus, entering into Your presence through Him, and leading others to seek and find the Redeemer.