Jeremiah 33

Many prophets in Judah were willing to speak a false word of peace or to deliver a lying message of a speedy return to the Promised Land on the part of the earliest exiles. Jeremiah, writing from a prison cell, was vehement in his denial of these falsehoods.
God made the earth. He did so with a purpose. What would the Lord truly do? He would not end the exile immediately, but He would eventually heal, restore, rebuild, cleanse, and forgive His city. God spoke plainly about the sickness, poverty, brokenness, filth, and sinfulness of His people. His settled intention was to accomplish His plans through the fullness of His own divine love.
The Lord would bring about a robust joy. There would be such praise and glory in His city that all the nations would be drawn into the celebration. The fortunes of the city would return and shepherds would again be seen counting their flocks in the countryside.
The focal point of this good news would be the chosen descendant of an ancient king. There would come a “righteous branch” springing up in the house of David. His name in another place would be “The Lord is our righteousness.” Here in Jeremiah 33, that title would be applied to the whole city of Jerusalem. For both the King and the city He loved, this unusual phrase told the story of the Bible from beginning to end: The Lord Himself is the source of all our righteousness.
Because of the perfect Messianic obedience of the Son of God, the Lord could promise abundant rejoicing all over the new Jerusalem. Along with the great King there would one day be a large number of Old Testament worshipers. The city would be a kingdom of priests.
Jeremiah also spoke of the “offspring of David my servant.” Not only would this city be a priesthood of believers, but the citizens would be counted as sons of God. Just as the Lord had promised Abraham so many centuries ago, the people of that kingdom would be more than could be numbered.
This solemn oracle of a perfectly restored Jerusalem would be as certain as God’s covenant with the day and the night and as sure as the fixed order of heaven and earth. Such a promise only finds its fulfillment through the One Son of David who is our righteousness, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

God of Peace and Truth, You have made the earth. We worship You. You work out Your plans for Your church. There will be health and security for Your people. There will be full forgiveness for us through Jesus Christ our Lord. You have a plan that includes great joy and prosperity for us. We will have peace as we worship You forever. In the power of Your steadfast love, the fortunes of Your people will be restored. O bring forth that great day, O God. You will fulfill Your promises through the Righteous Branch, and we will be called by His great name. Thank You that Your Son has ascended into heaven and has given great gifts to Your church. Fill us with Your Spirit, and multiply the offspring of Your Servant, the Son of David. As the sun rises every morning, and as night follows day, so Your promises of mercy and restoration for Your people are absolutely secure.