Jeremiah 32

An invading army was besieging Jerusalem. There remained little doubt that the events that Jeremiah had been speaking of concerning the victory of the Babylonians and the coming exile were very near. The prophet himself was shut up in the king’s prison. Was this a time for him to buy land near Jerusalem?
Jeremiah was told to buy property in the Promised Land at this very moment of societal despair. This purchase was to be a testimony to the certainty of the Word of the Lord. The prophet was professing belief in God’s promise that a remnant would be brought back home after seventy years. In that future day, ownership of land would again have meaning.
Houses and fields and vineyards shall again be bought in this land.” Though Jeremiah did what God commanded, he himself questioned the wisdom of God. He asked the Lord for divine assistance.
This day had to come. The people of Judah needed to see the problems that had come from their sin. Yet the exile would not be the end of Yahweh’s plan for His chosen people.
The Lord would bless Israel again. His elect would have a new heart. They would be united in a life of godliness forever. Jeremiah wrote of an everlasting covenant. He compared the fact of God’s future mercy with the certainty of the imminent destruction which was already at the gates of Jerusalem. The Lord plainly promised, “I will restore their fortunes.”
Centuries later the Son of Man would come to earth to save sinners. He believed the Word that the Almighty had spoken concerning a coming kingdom. Merely stating His belief in the truth of the promises of His Father would not have been enough. When the final moment of covenant faithfulness came, the Mediator of God’s new covenant had to seal His faith with a purchase. The cost of our redemption would be His own precious blood.
The Messiah’s statement of trust means everything to us in our own times of struggle. Can we really count on the Word of God? Will we be brought home to God on the final day of resurrection? Rejoice and be glad. Our debt has been paid through the blood of Lamb. Jesus’ offering of Himself is the highest testimony of His dedication to the reliability of the Almighty. His supreme act of obedience must never be forgotten.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father God, Your plan for Your people is sure and wonderful. Despite the troubles that come upon us, You give us news of a great future. We are citizens of a better land, and we long for the day when we can take full possession of the good things that You have for Your children. Give us strength to persevere through the current age until the promise comes to us in full. O Lord God, we trust You. You can bring about that great day. Even now You can help us as we cry out to You. You see our weakness, but nothing is too difficult for You. We would not have anything had You not determined long ago to give good gifts to Your children. Show us today Your power and Your love. Preserve us through whatever means You see fit. Though the city be burned with fire, and though You would come in anger against Your unfaithful people, You are still fully able to carry us through the worst trials. We turn away from our sins, O Lord. We will worship You according to Your Word with a full heart of obedience. Sanctify us, Lord God, that we might dwell in safety in Your presence. Remember Your own covenant love, and help us in the time of trouble that is too much for us to bear. Do Your great work within the troubled souls of those who call upon Your Name.