Isaiah 55

Are people “thirsty” for God? If so, they are told to “come to the waters.” It will not cost any money, but it will require a listening ear. The food and drink that the Lord has for His waiting people is in His Word. He says, “Listen diligently to Me, and eat what is good.”
God’s Word comes from a person that Isaiah calls “David.” He is referencing King David, but David is long gone by the time Isaiah writes these words. God had promised David that one of his descendants would be on the throne of an everlasting kingdom. It is this Son of David who came to us when the Word of God was made flesh and dwelt among us. Our “David” now lives and reigns forever. Through Jesus, the Word of God is preached by ambassadors, and the thirsty and hungry people of God gather and are satisfied with heavenly food.
The joy that comes from hearing this message depends on both the preacher and the hearer. If the human ambassador is not rightly interpreting and proclaiming the word of truth, then the hearer can still hear the Word read, but he does not have the benefit of a helper who will bring God’s Word to light. But this is not the only potential problem. The worshiper of the Lord must be seeking the Lord, repenting of sin, and returning to the Lord moment by moment if he would experience the pardoning grace of God through the ministry of gospel preaching.
For the one who humbles himself and listens to God, the amazing miracle is that the message of God will indeed be heard. God has thoughts that are not our thoughts, and He will speak to us. God has ways of doing things that are not our ways, and He can help us. The difference between God and us is not an insignificant matter. God’s thoughts and ways are higher than the heavens. He lowers Himself through the means of a human ministry to first produce His holy Word in written form and then to explain His Word through those He has sent to teach His congregation. When this happens, and it can only happen by the Spirit of God working through weak human beings, then God really speaks to people, and they really do hear the voice of God.
The Lord has promised that He will communicate with His church. He sends His Word like rain from heaven upon a dry and weary land. When the rain falls on the right soil, God gives “seed to the sower and bread to the eater.” When He sends forth His Word, it will not come back to Him empty. It will have its intended impact. This is a great encouragement both to ministers and those who listen to preaching. God has determined to overcome our weakness because of the important purpose of His grace. For the glory of His Name, and by the power of His Spirit, He will accomplish everything that He intends to do.
There is a vital connection between the fulfillment of the promises of God in the future and the experience of joy that we can have in worship today. We are called to take in the life-healing and soul-feeding Word of the Lord. When we hear the truth and believe, we yield ourselves to God and experience His goodness. This is today’s miracle for us, that through the Word we can have joy as we believe in the promises of God which are perfectly secure for us in the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord of the Harvest, You are bringing forth children for the desolate woman. We are the descendants that You have made for the glory of Your Holy Servant, Jesus. He is the Lord of Hosts and our Husband. Your people were cast off in their sin, but now they are being brought back home in Your divine compassion. Your steadfast promise is fulfilled in the One who is both just and justifier. Therefore we rejoice in You and in the covenant of peace with which You have made us glad. We are precious stones now in Your holy temple. The day without fear will soon come in all perfection, and we will be changed from glory to glory. Even today, no weapon fashioned against us will prosper.