Isaiah 52

The best news for God’s people will be the final coming of Messiah’s Kingdom. On that day Zion will truly awake with joy, and God’s children will put on their beautiful garments. No longer will demonic enemies assail them. They will shake off the dust of this dying world and rise up as the glorified city of God.
The people of Israel lived not only in the hope of a coming salvation, but also in the experience of brokenness and trouble. Centuries earlier they had been oppressed by Egyptian taskmasters. They had also faced the assault of the Assyrian empire. Babylon and Rome would one day bring much trouble upon them. None of these nations would be as destructive as their most formidable enemies—sin, death, and Satan. But God, who was greater than any enemy, had determined that His people know His name. He would one day say to them in their affliction, “Here am I.”
People all over the earth would hear the promise of the great day of Zion’s future redemption. That good news would be proclaimed through messengers of God’s Word with this beautiful simplicity: “Your God reigns.”
In the camp of God’s covenant people there should have been watchmen who were waiting for the coming of messengers bringing the announcement of the Lord’s victory for the people of faith. True watchmen would be the ones to first hear and see the blessed report. Their souls would awaken to God through the preaching of His Word. These ministers would come to know the Word of faith. They would sing for joy at the news of the return of the Lord to Zion, and at the message of encouragement that would be announced to those who were weak with tears, “Your God reigns.”
The covenant people of God were break forth in songs of praise to the Lord. All who would rejoice at that arrival of the messengers of the Almighty would confess His Name together. “All the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.”
Those who would hear of this future day of glory would also be called to depart from evil. They would need more than ritual purity. God’s gift of perfect cleansing and true repentance would only come through the Messiah, the “Servant” of the Lord.
The Christ would one day be highly exalted, but the pathway to His enthronement would be through the most profound suffering of body and soul. He would be “marred” beyond recognition, but His blood would “sprinkle” many nations. The oppressive power of enemy kings would be stopped.
This good news has reached us today through the proclamation of Christ to the world. The reign of a new king has begun in the resurrection of Jesus. We have heard good news from the mouths of the Lord’s appointed messengers. Our God reigns.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Come in strength, O God, in the garments of Your power. We were sold for nothing, but we have been redeemed through the precious blood of the Lamb. Speak in the voice of Your gospel herald soon. Let the weary come again to Zion, that we might sing to our God. Your arm is strong. Show us Your salvation. Release us from the filthy chains of wickedness and be our God. Thank You for Your amazing Servant. He is our strength.