Isaiah 51

Abraham and Sarah were beyond the age of child-bearing. Even in their earlier years, Sarah had never been able to have a baby. As God promised, He gave them many descendants. How did they become so fruitful? God alone could make the barren field yield a full harvest. Only He could bring true gladness and songs of rejoicing to those who had lost all hope.
Beyond any other gift that He gave, the Lord made one of Abraham’s descendants a light to all the people groups of the earth. Far off “coastlands” of even distant continents would one day receive the Word of God.
The world and all that it contained would pass away, but the kingdom that God would bring about would be eternal. Which would God’s people prefer, a salvation bought for them with the precious blood of Christ, or the fleeting pleasures of the present world?
By the strength of the Almighty, His redeemed would be made alive by the King of a Resurrection world. They would come to “Zion” with joyful singing. This would not be merely a temporary return to the earthly temple mount, as great as that would be in the sixth century before Christ. The joy that God’s children would possess in the heavenly Zion would one day be fuller than they could have ever imagined. Sorrow, and even sighing, would vanish forever.
God alone would do this. He said, “I am the Lord your God, and you are my people.” He who is the Word would remake His children and secure for them His greatest gifts.
How should Israel have responded to this news? Were they “awake” to all that their God would do for them through their Savior and King? God called them to trust in Him and to turn away from idolatry and sin. He still invites us to believe and obey today.
The great Redeemer descended from Abraham and Sarah has come. Only He could drink the cup of God’s wrath and live again. He did this for us. Now we are safe and secure. We will be with our God forever. It will not be good for the tormentors of the church when the Lord comes again. But because of the blood of Christ, there will be bountiful blessings for all who truly call upon the Name of the Lord.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord our Rock, we have come from You. You have called men before us to be people of faith. Surely we must follow in this way. We are in One who was the hope of Abraham. He is a light to the peoples. We wait for His strong arm even today. The day of our salvation is approaching. You have put your Law in our hearts, and Your righteousness and salvation rise up within Your holy people. You will not be stopped by the most evil foe. You can make us glad again today. You are the Comforter who lives in us. You alone made the world, and You have brought about the new creation. Blessed be Your Name, O Lord of Hosts. Speak to Zion today in Your Word. Take away the cup of Your wrath, since this has already been consumed to the very dregs by our Helper who died on the cross for our sins. Yet today there remains an adversary against us. Help us, O Lord.