Isaiah 49

Who was the “Servant” of the Lord in Isaiah? The figure at the center of the prophet’s songs was the personification of a faithful Israel. As we continue in Isaiah, the fact that this perfect Israel would actually be a specific individual becomes more obvious.
What does the second song teach us about the coming Servant-Messiah? This Savior appealed to people from the “coastlands” (far-off Gentile nations) to listen to His message. He was called “from the womb.” His words would be like a sharp sword. The Lord would both use Him and protect Him from danger. It would look like His mission yielded nothing. Yet God assured the Messiah that He would use Him not only to restore Jews to God, but to be a light to far-off Gentile lands. Though the Savior would be deeply despised by God’s own “nation,” many powerful rulers would one day bow before Him.
Because of the grace of adoption that united Jews and Gentiles together in one body in the Lord, there would eventually be so many descendants of Israel that their living space in His kingdom would need to be broadened. They would welcome in many people from all over the world into the household of faith.
We should sing for joy because of the great blessings that have already been secured for us in the work of this great Christ. Yet there are times when we find it hard to see with the eyes of faith. We think that the Lord has turned away from us and has forgotten to love us. The Lord is like a tender mother who will never forget her child. Even if a loving mother would forget, the Lord’s love will never fail. The names of His children are carved into the palms of His hands, just as the nails made their marks in the hands of Jesus Christ. The message for us in Isaiah remains very powerful for all who will believe: “Those who wait for me shall not be put to shame.”
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Great God, Your Son is the One! He is the Savior. He is the Suffering King. You have called Him from the womb. He has saved Jacob. He has even saved Your beloved elect from every tribe and tongue and nation. You have made Him to be a Covenant to Your people. A day of the greatest provision is surely coming. None of this could ever have happened without our Messiah. You have comforted us in Him. Even if our mothers and fathers have forgotten us, You will never forget us. Your plans for us are glorious. We are to be a holy bride. The children of our bereavement will yet speak in our ears. There will be many for the ones who thought that they were left all alone. This will be the day of resurrection glory. We will know that You are the Lord. We wait for You, and we shall not be put to shame. You will save our children who have been taken captive by a foul adversary. You are the mighty one of Jacob.