Isaiah 47

It is easy to be obsessed with issues of physical beauty and sensual comfort. Young women who were part of a conquering power might have been tender and delicate for a time, but what would they do when their men lost in battle? They might have to perform menial tasks that only their slaves did back in their former days of glory. They might even be the ones sent away as deported exiles.
Who would bring these changes to pass? It was the Redeemer of Israel, the Lord God. God revealed here through Isaiah that the “mistress” of kingdoms, great Babylon, would one day be led along in the darkness. She might then remember that she had moved descendants of Israel away from their land to serve as her slaves. In that earlier time, God was angry with His people. Why? They had been proud, foolish, and idolatrous. But God would not abandon them forever, for His commitment to His own Name would cause His discipline of Israel to come to an end. Those who had proudly abused His people would find Him to be a most formidable enemy.
The women of Babylon thought they were better than others. “I am, and there is no one besides me.” But it is only God who is truly unique. They imagined that they were not only beautiful, but also very wise, and even spiritually more sophisticated because of their special religious counselors. Their priests claimed to know secret truths and to have special powers, but lying divination would not be able to save them when the era of Babylonian supremacy came to an end.
There is a day of trouble that is too much for any earthly empire. All who seek eternal peace must hide in the righteousness of the strong and valiant husband of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ. We need His forgiveness, protection, and healing. There is no one like Him. Follow Him with the full assurance of His everlasting love. He gave His blood for His holy bride. We will be beautiful forever because of Him.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord God, men may exalt themselves now with all their wealth and glory. Yet they will be brought low in the Day of Judgment. The ones who have had no mercy on Your church, what will they receive from You when You come in vengeance? You can bring a sudden ruin upon those who counted on sorcery. How could the nations turn back to false gods and rituals when Your Son has been so clearly proclaimed as Lord? We will hope in Jesus Christ. We turn away from all false gods.