Isaiah 44

God is the supplier of water upon a thirsty land—not merely physical water that people need every day, but the spiritual water of the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit of God Israel would be worse than dry. They would be dead in their trespasses and sins. With the divine gift of a living Lord at work within them they would have a river of life.
In John 4, the woman at the well wanted to know where she could find that unending stream. Long before her time, Israel heard an early announcement through Isaiah concerning the only possible source of unending refreshment. The only true and living God would give His people the Holy Spirit.
The world was full of false gods. Silent idols seemed to clamor for the attention of all of the inhabitants of the earth. In reality, they were nothing and they could do nothing. They certainly could not cause the Spirit of God to dwell within people.
The story of the idol-maker and idol-worshiper was always truly ridiculous and pitiful. A man might make an idol from a piece of wood and then use the rest of the same wood as something for the fire upon which he cooked his meal. People should have thanked God for the food that they enjoyed every day. Instead the idol-worshiper thanked a painted block from a dead tree.
What are we to think of this false worship? We are saddened when we consider those who are caught in such a delusional way of life. Yet we have confidence in the Lord, and we believe in His power to save. God would not forget His chosen ones.
God would raise up a Gentile king, Cyrus, who would send the Israelites out of the land of idol worship where they had been captives. A far better Savior than Cyrus would eventual come to the Jews. He would announce a victory that would be beyond the wildest dreams of all who longed for His appearing.
The true Servant of the Lord would give His body as a curse upon a tree for the salvation of His people. His wounds would atone for the sins of those from every tribe and tongue. From His throne on high Jesus would send forth His Spirit for all who would hear His Word and believe. All who would one day be thirsty for His presence in their lives would be able to ask and receive the Holy Spirit.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father God, You made us, and You call us to believe. We trust You. You will have wonderful mercy upon Your people. Your promises are so big and so true. You speak of things yet to come, and Your words are completely reliable. The lover of idols will be put to shame. You are God. There is nothing wise in the worship of objects. We will not fall down before the work of our own hands. We will not pray to something that was carved out of a block of wood. We cast off every lie that we once believed. We will sing to You, O Lord. You stretched out the heavens. You confirm the words of Your prophets. You raise up a Cyrus for Your purposes. You are building Your temple.