Isaiah 42

In Chapter 42 we are given a personal word about a Servant, a word that is fulfilled in the gift of Christ. This Servant is the chosen one of God, full of the Holy Spirit. He has a heart for the very weakest, but He himself is powerful enough to bring about “justice” all over the earth.
Our great Messiah has become a “light for the nations.” He literally did open up the eyes of several people who were blind, but He has given spiritual sight to millions. We were once stuck in the prison house of sin and guilt. Our bondage has been broken through His death.
This Messiah King is the Lord of Israel. He also is the God of power and glory who has come in person to save us. He is the same God who knows things from long ago and can even bring about future events.
Yet how can the One who is the Lord Himself also be the Servant of the Lord? Here we have the mystery of the Father and the Son. With Isaiah’s declaration that the Spirit of God is upon this divine Servant, God is revealing to His chosen ones the truth of the Trinity.
Through Isaiah, God directed Israel to sing a heartfelt song of praise. Even the people of far-off nations were called to sing to the Lord and to declare His praise to other nations still further away until there were no people groups who had not yet heard the truth of Jesus.
But would His coming be good news for those who would still cling to worthless idols? What if a great King committed Himself in love for us, even to the point of giving His life, and yet many people continued to prefer a lifeless image to the One who saved us in person? Such rebellion would be a great insult. The Lord would not be content to leave the entire world in such foolishness. He would grant to His elect new eyes to see His greatness and a new will to turn away from false suitors who could not compare to Him.
Israel was to be a servant to the Lord as a whole nation. Yet she became blind like the idols that she worshiped and deaf to the words of the prophets. God brought His law clearly to her, but she would not follow His commandments. She ended up in a desperate condition, and yet she was still unwilling to repent. God gave up His people to plunderers and looters. He poured on the heat of His anger until the fire was all around them. The invading armies of foreign nations were poised to kill. Yet Israel would still not take these events to heart and receive His holy love.
This must not be the way for the followers of God today. The Lord has spoken to us in the Scriptures. We have no right to make His gracious instruction something less than it is. Jesus knows us and loves us. He died for our sins as the Suffering Servant. Now He lives and reigns as our glorious Lord. It is right and good for us to worship Him and to follow Him forever.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father God, there is no one like Your Servant Jesus Christ. He brings forth justice upon the earth. Look upon us, O God. We are bruised reeds. Do not break us. We have no real flame left in us. Do not utterly snuff us out. Breathe new life into us again by Your Spirit. Thank You for Your mercy. Your Son will establish justice throughout the earth. We long for His day. Come, Lord Jesus! Even now open the eyes of the blind through the preaching of Your Word. Teach us to praise You everywhere and at all times. You are powerful to save. Speak, O Lord, and rescue us. Your church is like a woman in labor. There is suffering here, but You are surely leading us. You will not forsake us. Your Son has taken upon Himself all our infirmities. Restore our fortunes, O Lord. Help us as we cry out to You.