Isaiah 33

In Isaiah 33, God addressed Assyria as a “destroyer” and a “traitor.” But the Lord announced that this destroyer would be “destroyed,” and this traitor would be “betrayed.”
Any nation may have its day according to the sovereign plan of the Lord, but like all the powers that have come before it, every empire will come and will go. Nations rise and fall. It is the God of Israel who controls all their affairs with His mighty hand. Happy are those who know this and who wait for His grace. He will be their mighty arm and their salvation in times of trouble.
Isaiah’s words are very relevant for the spiritual warfare of the church in the New Testament age. We who believe in Jesus Christ need His help every day. We would be so easily diverted from the calling of God were He not our continual Helper.
One day the Lord will sound His war cry and all of His adversaries will have to flee. He will come with legions of angels. He will cleanse the church of all wickedness, purify us from all sin, and fill us with heavenly treasures. Though for now the destroyer may seem to enjoy a victory against the people of God, the ultimate plans of the Almighty shall never be overturned. The enemies of God’s covenant people will be brought to shame.
There was only one Man who could pass through the “everlasting burnings” from the fire of the Almighty and then live again. He is our righteous Savior. Those who believe in Him will behold His great beauty in “a land that stretches afar.” The proud man will not be able to dwell there. Only the humble servant of the Lord will be safe in that place.
One day our eyes will see heaven! The King of the land will be with us always. He will watch over the weak and will never let us be destroyed. Come soon, Lord Jesus! Establish your kingdom forever. We trust you, and we wait for you.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father God, we were wandering and we did not even know it. There was a destroyer who was troubling us, and we thought for a moment that he was a friend. We fear You, and we remember You. We look around Your church and we see that the land is mourning. Rise up and be exalted. Take away our godlessness, and help us to remember the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ who gave His life for us. He dwells on high. We will behold Him in His beauty. The day of the hateful adversary will be gone, and there will be perfect peace and provision in Your holy Jerusalem. You are the Lord, and You will keep us. We will have glorious health and the fullest restoration in Your presence.