Isaiah 25

There are so many reasons for us to praise God! He has truly done wonderful things. Occasionally men attain great achievements without any detailed planning. This is never the case with God. He has had specific intentions for the highest good from eternity past, and He will most certainly accomplish all of His holy will.
The Lord’s decrees touch upon the deliverance of His people who are facing great troubles from powerful nations. He can take a strong city and make it a heap of ruins that will never be rebuilt. Ruthless foes threatened Israel in every age, but God was never intimidated by any of them.
It is always thrilling to see the violent intentions of brutal people thwarted when they come against the weak to destroy them. We rejoice at the reversal that puts the smaller wrestler in a commanding position while the big bully is unexpectedly pinned. While there are some adversaries that are simply overwhelming for us, our God can easily stop the onslaught of the mightiest foe. What could be more demoralizing to the desperately weak guardians of the homeland than the victory song of an approaching enemy? But the Lord can remove every violent threat in a moment.
It is easy for anyone to become patriotic when his nation is threatened. We instinctively root for the home team when all our neighbors are doing so as well. But is there something bigger in this chapter than standing up for familiar faces or seeking the well-being of those with whom we are most closely related? Is there more here than a local or temporary win? Is there a victory of far greater eternal significance?
The grandest celebration that could ever be conceived will truly come to pass one day through the work of the Lord and through the fulfillment of His mighty plan. That victory will do more than merely push away a frightening foe for a brief season. Our Messiah has already achieved the death of death through His own willing service as a substitute for sinners. This victory was world-changing and life-giving. The veil of misery and confusion over the nations has been lifted. Mortality has been defeated. All our tears will soon be wiped away.
The hope contained in such pronouncements may seem too good to be real. When we remember God and His plan, what once seemed impossible becomes our blessed assurance. The work of Jesus Christ from His conception to His current reign in heaven is simply unstoppable. We wait upon the return of the Lord with hope, knowing that He will save us. His plan is so full and definite that we should never dismiss it in unbelief. He will bring about a worldwide resurrection from the dead and an eternity of heavenly glory.
There are powerful enemies who would love to be able to overturn the decree of God for His people. These adversaries will never succeed. The cross was a decisive blow against all evil. There is simply no way that the devil and his allies will win the victory in any future ultimate contest. We can live in the certainty that the enemies of the Almighty will be most soundly defeated in the hour of the Lord’s choosing.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father God, we praise Your Name. You have done wonderful things. You hear the prayers of the needy, and You provide a place of rescue in Your Son. Beyond the Day of Judgment there is a wonderful eternity of peace. Death will be swallowed up forever. You are God. We have waited for You. You are faithful to Your Word. Though You lay us low, we will find our greatest joy as those who are blessed by Your grace.