Isaiah 22

Jerusalem was a city built on a hill. On the grounds of the temple mount, God had made the court of that sacred space to be a place where the nations would come for prayer. This center of worship was to be a light to the world. But instead of being a mountaintop of insight, she had become a “valley of vision.”
In the midst of statements against Edom, Arabia, Assyria, Babylon and other nations, God had a word for Jerusalem. She too had done evil and would face discipline from the Lord. God called His people to weep and mourn about this great city. Instead of a holy humility there was a strange arrogance among some of the leaders and a hedonistic fatalism among others. Even a high official like Shebna, the steward, was seeking great things for himself in the face of impending national disaster. He would be replaced by a man who would have more concern for the good of the people.
The true worshipers of the Lord should have put on sackcloth and humbled themselves before the Lord. But they would not look to the Almighty who was the source of the discipline they faced. God would eventually put an end to the covenant community. He would one day begin a new assembly where the faithful would be connected to the One who is uniquely the Light of the World and who calls us to be the real Jerusalem, a city set on a hill.
We have a truly great man over the household of God today. Jesus Christ is the sinless leader of the Lord’s church. Everything that He has done has been accomplished with a full heart for those He came to save. He has opened a door to heaven that no one can shut. He is a pathway of hope for all who will repent and believe.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Sovereign Lord, You are full of love and mercy for Your children. Help us to see Your discipline in light of Your great plan of grace. Help us to know You in the deepest valley of trial. Make our time of devastation and destruction to be a valley of vision. Teach us to see Your hand in any day of trouble, that we might rightly profit from every difficulty. You can surely throw off the oppressor in a moment. You love Your elect. You must be working out some great purpose of grace. We long for the fullest expression of Your Son’s reign over all His people.