First Thessalonians Song

Give Thanks unto the Lord
Tune: Schumann, S.M.
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians
1. Give thanks unto the Lord
For brothers whom He loves,
Examples of the way of life,
A gift from God above.
2. God has a father’s hand,
A mother’s tender care.
The love we know, we imitate.
What we receive, we share.
3. The church of our dear Lord
Empowered from on high
Shines forth the glory of our God
Reflecting heaven’s joy.
4. May we abound in love
With all who know the Lord,
And standing fast in Jesus Christ
Abide in His good Word.
5. We live to please our God
And serve Him more and more,
In quiet lives of holiness
For Him whom we adore.
6. The resurrection world
Is coming with the Lord,
Grieve not as those who have no hope.
Believe the Word of God.
7. But when will that Day dawn,
When will the faith be sight,
For soldiers of our risen Lord,
The children of the light?
8. While waiting, we rejoice,
And thank the Lord above,
For He will bring His kingdom here
And build a world of love.
Stephen Magee, 2013