Ezekiel 34

Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel.” The kings and other leaders of God’s people were supposed to watch over the nation and care for the weak. Those in authority had instead used their positions of trust in order to enrich themselves at the expense of the “sheep.” The Lord intended to take action “against the shepherds.” They would have to answer for what they had done. God said, “I will rescue My sheep.”
The Lord promised to search for His children and to bring them back “from all the places where they have been scattered.” While Jehovah would raise up “my servant David” as the “one shepherd” for Israel, He also said, “I Myself will be the shepherd of My sheep.” God would come in person but He would somehow be the long-expected “David” who would be the eternal King over all His elect.
Not only would Israel’s leaders have to answer for their abuses, all of the stronger individuals among the people would be called to task for their mistreatment of those among them who were in greatest need. The Lord promised to “judge between sheep and sheep.”
The coming of the final King of Israel would be accompanied by a new arrangement that Jehovah called “a covenant of peace.” While the land would have “showers of blessing” yielding “renowned plantations,” the touch of God’s mercy would be more than an increase in productive agricultural assets. The nation would truly serve God’s special new “David.” They would have a greater peace than they had ever known. “They shall dwell securely and none shall make them afraid.”
While some Jews and many Gentiles have had a taste of the goodness of this new life since the coming of Christ, prophesies such as those contained in Ezekiel demand a far greater fulfillment. One day the Son of Man will come again in glory, and He will rightly separate the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25:31). When His judgment is completed, the two groups will never again live in the same realm. Only then will the glorious land be everything that the resurrected Christ has won for His entire beloved family.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Lord of the Harvest, You sent Jesus Christ to be both Son of Man and Son of God. He is the Good Shepherd of the sheep. False teachers have scattered Your people. They are greedy imposters who have fed themselves and not the sheep. Your Son is gathering many through His Word. His sheep hear His voice and they know Him and they follow Him. He is the One who seeks the lost. He brings back the wandering ones. Send Your servant, the Son of David, to be our Prince forever. Bring down showers of blessing upon us, and provide everything that we need that we may live for Your glory. Take away the reproach of Your people, and keep us as Your sheep forever.