Ezekiel 2

The Lord addressed Ezekiel as “son of man” long before the coming of the One who would be the most famous bearer of that title. Ezekiel’s life tells us that these words meant more than just a male descendant of another human being. The “son of man” in Ezekiel was the Lord’s chosen prophetic instrument. Ezekiel indicated that “the Spirit entered into me.” What did God intend to do with Ezekiel? “I send you to the people of Israel.”
The “Israel” referred to here was not just the former northern kingdom that was taken over by the Assyrians many decades earlier. All of the scattered descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were the Israel of God. Yet they were plainly “rebels” against the Lord.
Ezekiel was to address Israel with the uncompromising content of divine oracles. “They will know that a prophet has been among them.” He was not to be unduly influenced by their words against him or by their disapproving countenances. Though they might wish to stop him, Ezekiel needed to be faithful to the task that God had given him.
The warning that God spoke from the frightening glory chariot of the previous chapter came with these solemn words: “Be not rebellious like that rebellious house.” God gave Ezekiel a scroll filled with writing. The Word that the Lord had for His people was one “of lamentation and mourning and woe.” It needed to be spoken clearly and boldly.
Jesus was the ultimate Son of Man, but also the eternal Word of God. He brought all of creation into being and performed amazing miracles. His authoritative teaching amazed all those who heard Him. He was obedient in everything, especially in His death on the cross. Like our Master, we have been called to be faithful servants of God’s Word. The New Testament warns us that the day will come when the church may want some other ministry rather than the truth. (See 1 Timothy 4:11-16 and 2 Timothy 4:1-5) We must be steadfast in our devotion to God and faithful to His directives even though it might seem that some other strategy would be more effective.
Prayer from A Book of Prayers
Father God, You sent Your own Son to save us. He spoke as the greatest of all prophets. Have we listened to Him and obeyed His Word as we should? Forgive our many transgressions, O Lord. Jesus had no sin at all. He was a perfectly faithful messenger of Your everlasting truth. Teach us to live and to speak as the true followers of our Savior.