Esther 8

The Lord had brought about the destruction of Haman, but would He save His people from the edict that this enemy of the Jews had moved him to sign? Though Haman was gone, his letters that stood against the Jews remained. Their enemies would be able to destroy them on an appointed day. Under the legal system in force in the Persian Empire the words that Ahasuerus had approved could not be repealed. (Esther 1:19)
The king gave Haman’s property to Esther, but more importantly for the safety of the Jews, he gave Mordecai the authority to send out letters in his name. Though the letters of Haman could not be taken back, new letters could now be written by Mordecai that would undo Haman’s plot through a work of self-defense. The Jews were to be ready to take vengeance against their enemies.
Haman was dead and now Mordecai had taken his place. It was Mordecai the Jew who was clothed in royal robes of blue and white with a golden crown upon his head. Wherever the king’s new edict was read, the people of God celebrated.
One other surprising development took place: “Many from the peoples of the country declared themselves Jews, for fear of the Jews had fallen on them.” Suddenly it was important to be positively associated with the Jews.
After the arrival of the Jewish Messiah a new way of association with the Jews has taken hold throughout the provinces of the earth. Through faith in the Name of Jesus, the favor of Yahweh has come to people of every tribe and tongue. Now all who are found to be the chosen people of God in Jesus are heirs to an eternal kingdom. Nothing can ever separate us from the love of God. The news of our sure salvation in the Son of God should be published everywhere, especially as we see the day of the Lord’s judgment approaching.

Prayer from A Book of Prayers

Father God, though the enemies of Your people may suppose that they own the world, the fact remains unchangeable that the meek shall inherit the earth. The calamities that the evil plan against Your children are twisted and troubling. In our own strength and wisdom we could never deliver our souls from the hand of wicked men and angels. On that day when Your Son returns with His great and powerful host, He will take vengeance upon Your enemies. We will be rescued forever. In our hearts we shall be filled with perfect light, gladness, and joy. Grant us a taste of that victory by faith even now, lest we become weary in Your service.