2 Thessalonians Hymn

We Thank the Lord our God
Tune: Louisville, S.M.
Scripture: 2 Thessalonians
Verse 1
We thank the Lord our God
For brothers in His grace.
They suffer for their faith today.
They shall behold His face—
They shall behold His face!

Verse 2
The vengeance of the Lord
Will come upon the world,
But He will grant His sons relief
Who have believed His Word—
Who have believed His Word.

Verse 3
Our prayers ascend to God
That they might stand in faith,
According to His perfect love
Empowered by His grace—
Empowered by His grace.
Verse 4
The coming of the Lord
Is our hope every day.
With shouts of joy we sing to Him
Unmoved by what men say—
Unmoved by what men say.
Verse 5
The man of lawlessness
Will die by Jesus’ voice.
All lawlessness will be removed.
God’s people shall rejoice—
God’s people shall rejoice!
Verse 6
Lord God, we love the truth.
Keep us in Your embrace.
We will not love unrighteousness.
O answer us in grace—
O answer us in grace.
Verse 7 of 10
The chosen of our God
Will seek the living Lord.
Established in the life of love,
They stand upon the Word—
They stand upon the Word.
Verse 8
We speak an urgent Word—
A Word from God Most High.
Though enemies would still our voice,
The Lord will hear our cry—
The Lord will hear our cry.

Verse 9 of 10
An enemy within
Would like to see us fall.
Why should we follow empty words?
We’ll answer when You call—
We’ll answer when You call.
Verse 10 of 10
Stand firm in Jesus’ Name
In every time and place.
Now may the Lord of heav’nly peace
Be with you by His grace—
Be with you by His grace.