2 Chronicles 31

The worship of the Lord is supposed to be an exercise of the complete surrender of the will of God’s people to the God of the universe. The Lord knows the heart. He made us and sustains us every moment of our lives. He knows the consecration of our souls as we bring ourselves before Him with all of our shortcomings.
We are weak, but the Lord is strong. When His people commit their ways to Him and trust in Him, He will act. From the simplicity of our honest worship, the Lord’s strength goes forth through His people. In the days of Hezekiah they celebrated an irregular Passover to the Lord, but their hearts were consecrated to Him. From that time of worship, changes went forward throughout Israel and Judah.
Idols were destroyed. The priesthood was reestablished. Levites, the Lord’s appointed worship servants, returned again to the duties that were known by their clans in the days of David and Solomon. The king and the people gave of their substance again for the work of the Lord and for the care of the weak. The Lord gave them prosperity. They sought Him first above all, and He gave them many good gifts.
All of the obedience of the people and all of the blessing from the Lord described in this chapter burst forth from the celebration of an irregular Passover that the Lord permitted them to have in the second month of the year rather than in the first month as the Law plainly required. It all began with one consecrated king that God used to send out a good word throughout Israel and Judah.
We have a great King over the household of God today. He calls us to remember the priority of divine worship. He has inspired the Scriptures for us so that we will know the way to go. He is ready to receive us despite our many problems and failings. Imagine the power that might be unleashed for good upon the earth if the people who have been baptized in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, would return to the Lord Jesus again in worship. How many that are currently in the grip of intractable difficulties might soon experience the freedom of the sons of God?