2 Chronicles 23

Athaliah had usurped the throne of David after the death of her son. This wicked woman then killed the royal family in order to consolidate her power. She did not know that she had one surviving grandson in the line of David. Joash was secretly protected and instructed by a priest, Jehoida. This good man took courage in the seventh year and led a holy insurrection against a woman who had no right to rule over Judah.
A team of armed Levites who were willing to risk their lives in order to make Joash king followed Jehoiada’s instructions. They brought out the boy, the priests anointed him, and everyone proclaimed him king.
Athaliah called this treason, but the officers and the people were able to discern the way of God. Athaliah was put to death and Joash reigned over Judah as king.
Not only that, Jehoida led the nation in the elimination of Baal worship. At least for that moment in time, the true worship of the Lord was reestablished according to the directives that Moses and David had given to God’s people generations before. Joash sat on David’s throne and the people rejoiced.
We know more today about the true promised Son of David than Jehoiada the priest did back in his generation. We know the Name of the unexpected Man who became Israel’s eternal King.
Jesus has been enthroned on high through His resurrection and ascension. He has all power and authority in heaven and earth. Yet at present, only those who have the gift of faith acknowledge Jesus as Lord. The rest remain in darkness.
But soon the day will dawn when all will acknowledge the return of our righteous King. The people of the Lord will be filled with great joy on that day. There may be some who would rather cry out, “Treason!” They will be quickly exposed as enemies of God. Only when the Son of David reigns over all can there be true peace on earth, good will toward men, and a complete overturning of the curse that has brought so much trouble upon the world.